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Flos IC T1 Høy Sort

kr 5 625
IC serien designet av Michael Anastassiades i 2014. Fantastike minimalistiske organiske former i tidsriktig materialer som skriver seg inn i design historien som en instant klassiker. Finish: Messing, blåst glass Mål: H53cm D32cm Ø20cm Max: 60WE14HSGS[e] DIMMER "This collection explores balance. There is a series of lights: table lights, wall lights, ceiling pendants and ceiling mounted lights which take as their basic form a sphere that is perfectly balanced on the edge of a rod. I came across an online video clip of a contact juggler. He was spinning a set of spheres, moving them around on his arms and edge of his fingers. And as I got mesmerized by the magic of his skill, suddenly the spheres look perfectly still. I wanted to capture that exact moment. This was my starting point. The initials IC come from the codes that English police use to define the perceived ethnicity of a person they stop in the street when reporting back to the station. IC1 means white person or Northern European type, IC2 means Mediterranean European/Hispanic, IC3 indicates an African/Afro-Caribbean person, and so on, so this is a playful story to define the different designs." -Michael Anastassiades